The nerdbike

This project is about a simple and durable concept for a bicycle which is easy to maintain, i.e. even appropriate for nerds.

In Austria there was a long tradition of a simple but robust bicycle, called "Waffenrad" by Steyr-Daimler-Puch. Nowadays, however, the construction of a simple and durable bike seems to be no issue, probably due to cheap natural resources and low energy costs. Despite this fact I was thinking of a new concept for a long-lived bike construction based on new technology, which concetrates on the true needs of an everyday biker. The product should be reliable, easy to maintain, and especially usable for a long time. Hopefully such a concept can be successful in the furture when energy will be more expensive and there will be taxes for natural resources.

This concept can only be understood as draft design and had to be worked out in detail, but the following specifications have to be considered:

  • Mono-coque frame made of carbon fibre or aluminium (1)
    This frame has to be optimised using genetic finite element methods. All cables for lights and brakes are guided inside.
  • All parts of the drive are capsuled (2)
    Cranks, chain and bearings are inside the frame or are even part of it. The outside lid of the cheeck can be removed for maintenance. (Changing of ball bearings or cranks.)
  • Brakes capsuled (3)
    At the end of both cheeks brakes are mounted within the frame. Lids can be removed for maintenance. On the foreside there are two brakes (3a), on the rear side one (3a).
  • Crankcase in the drive axis (4)
    7-step pole crankcase.
  • Bearings are part of the frame !
    In contrast to ordinary bicycles (bearings are part of the wheel) the bearings are mounted on the frame (5a). The parts (5b) are rested upon the bearings (5a) and keep the rigid wheels (5) which can be made of carbon as well. Both the fore and the back wheel are exchangeable.
    The wheel (5) is fixed between two parts (5a) with a fast attachable bolt (5c). The torque is transmitted by means of a slot (5d).
  • This construction should make maintenance easy if necessary at all. Only few parts should be used which can be easily exchanged. Additionally, one can wear a fancy suit without making it dirty when cycling.

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