Smart control for energy efficient buildings

A new window blind control strategy will aim at a lower energy consumption as well as a broad user acceptance. In addition, it can be combined with existing HVAC- and light management systems. Therefore, a Fuzzy-Control is developped taking into account the influence of blinds on the light situation and the thermal behaviour of a building. The simulation is carried out in MATLAB/Simulink, and implemented employing the Simulink Real Time Workshop.

This work is initially a cooperation between Zumtobel Licht (Austria), Landis&Gyr (Switzerland) and EPFL/LESO (Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne, , Switzerland) and IMPA (Institute for Machine and Process Automation, TU-Vienna, Austria). The final report was issued in November 1996 by the Laboratoire d'solaire et de physique du batiment. Further information is available at DELTA

A follow-up project, EDIFICIO (Integrated predictive and adaptive controller for heating, cooling, ventilation, blinds and artificial lighting), joins within a European project the following partners : Conphoebus, Catania (I), coordinator of the project; CSEM, Neuchâtel (CH); Senamion Automazione, Como (I); SGS-Thomson, Catania (I); Technical University of Vienna (A); TNO, Delft (NL); VTT, Helsinki (Fin). The goal is to develop intelligent control software and systems to reduce energie consumption and increase user comfort. More information can be found at EDIFICIO

Publications and reports

Morel, N., M. Bauer, J. Geiginger, G. Sejkora, W. Hegetschweiler et P. Wurmsdobler: DELTA, Un Contrôleur de Stores Intelligent a Logique Floue. Submitted for the Conference Internationale Energie Solaire & Bâtiments, Lausanne, 1997.
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Morel, N., M. Bauer, J. Geiginger, G. Sejkora, W. Hegetschweiler, and P. Wurmsdobler: DELTA: A Blind Controller Using Fuzzy Logic. Final Report-OFEN/BEW Funding No 50 943, Laboratoire solaire de physique du bâtiment - DA/ITB, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland 1996.
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Wurmsdobler, P: Simulation of a Heated Room with Fuzzy Window Blind Control. Internal report and control software documentation, Insitute for Machine and Process Automation, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, 1994.
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